A look at Object studio, Harvard GSD

We have the pleasure to present a short video about Object Studio, course at the Harvard GSD that has been taught by Josep Lluís Mateo this Spring.

Our objective will be to precisely define projects based on the simultaneous presence of three conditions:
1_ Place. Here, it is the city, at the border, with the presence nearby of nature. Surrounded, dialogue with the exterior in continuity or in opposition. The exterior.
2_ Content. Use. Interior. Conventional briefs (dwellings, offices…) seen from a special viewpoint that aims to discover the magic of the everyday. To analyse, observe and propose new conditions of use.
3_ Material. Our projects, always starting with abstract visions, take form, become intelligible, by means of material. Architecture as the expression of physical, material culture.
In our studio, we set out to relate idea and material, to define the consistency of the object and study its phenomenological conditions.
Form, as a variable to be discovered (rather than the starting point) in relation to its exterior, to its content and to the material, will be the objective of our action.
Josep Lluís Mateo, January, 2015

Graduated School of Design, Harvard University
Spring 2015
Option Studio “Object Studio”
Professor: Josep Lluís Mateo
Teaching Assistant: Jaime Daroca