“Footprints. Josep Lluís Mateo writings 2005-2020” published by Park Books, Zürich has been awarded by the editorial department and the Committee for the “Author of the Year” category.


Juanzong Archive Award is an initiative promoted by Wallpaper Magazine China Edition and Juanzong Books, in recognition to the best publications in the fields of architecture, art and sustainability by selecting representative books and exhibitions of the year from around the world. The word “archive” refers to the processes and responsibilities of researching, editing and publishing. This award is dedicated to recognizing the contributors whose knowledge productions operate in unforeseeable future contexts different from those in which they were originally obtained. By examining the relationships between context-specific knowledge production and the volatile contexts in which they operate, we find a new opportunity for user-centered research and dissemination.

JAA Footprints
Footprints JosepLluisMateo
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Jury Panel of Juanzong Archive Award:
Philip Ursprung: Chair of the History of Art and Architecture Department, ETH Zürich
Domitilla Darti: Design Curator, MAXXI – National Museum of 21st Century Art
Helen Thomas: Architect, Writer & Publisher / Editor and Senior Research Fellow at ETH Zürich
Li Xiangning: Professor and Dean, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University
Hou Shen: Professor, History Department of Peking University , Deputy Director, Center for Ecological History, Renmin University of China
Xu Bing: Artist, Professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts

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