JOHN HEJDUK, Building characters

John Hejduk is known to critics as a theoretician, teacher, poet and draftsman of extraordinary architecture, but he was above all an architect and builder in the deepest way. His built architectures have been rarely investigated but they manifest that his work finds its purpose in the act of building.
This book attempts to give a complete interpretation of his built work, which includes a number of buildings and architectural installations created between 1980 and 2000, through the analysis of archival documents, analytical drawings and an extensive photographic apparatus, showing the tangible value of Hejduk’s thought on architecture and the important role played by his works in the transformation of the city.

Josep Lluís Mateo writes the prologue of the JOHN HEJDUK Building characters from Luca Cardani, as well as in the presentation of the book at the COAC.


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