Study of new housing possibilities, commissioned by the company Linkcity (Group Bouygues) in the city of Argenteuil.

The work starts at the end of 2019 and ends in 2021. It thus gathers all the experience of COVID, seclusion and isolation.

In this context meditating on the possibilities for the future, was clearly influenced by the daily experience, where housing, isolation and protection had taken a new prominence.

The work operated in a specific place in the Parisian agglomeration which, at the same time, had to have a clear presence in our research.

The Argenteuil project, in its origins, recaled the role of the site as an inspiration for the first Impressionist spots, picking up the values of the landscape (École d’Argenteuil, Claude Monet).

Then the territorial structure, perpendicular to the river, draining towards it (les lanières).

The buildings follow the surrounding streets and the prevailing geometry. The volumes descend towards the back, adapting themselves to the contiguous scale.

The site is inhabited by dwellings of various types (social, free, coliving, etc.). The dwellings are designed to be flexible, transversal, with large terraces facing outwards.

The project proposes two large types of collective spaces: on the ground floor, in contact with the ground, large gardens, and on the upper floors, multiple landscaped terraces for the different types of housing.

In conclusion, the project proposes new types of dwellings and a wide range of communal gardens. A private community habitat open to the outside.