“Panta Rhei”, an exhibition of Mateo Arquitectura

Exhibiting, presenting things in public, always means addressing time.
The present that leads us to the future, projects that are already being transported to reality.
Also, the present of that which is clearly finished, and a trace of the past that has brought us to this point.

An exhibition allows us to salvage, for a moment, materials produced in different contexts, to support ideas, explain stories or understand a world.
Its ephemeral function plays one of the most important roles here: models, videos, drawings, texts, in our case always instrumental, subordinate to the reality of buildings that ultimately have to be understood and appreciated without them.
Materials that anticipated stories, some just dreamt of.

The exhibition is a dissection of our present work, with some explorations into the past, the origin of our presence here.

Josep Lluís Mateo

On 21 March, Josep Lluís Mateo opened the exhibition “Panta Rhei”—everything flows—at the Galerie de l’Architecture in Paris. The show is a tour through time: the past, present and future of the practice’s work, highlighting projects, materials and moments that tend to be concealed from view but that form part of the agency’s praxis.
The Galerie de l’Architecture, at 11, Rue des Blancs-Manteaux in Paris, hosts this exhibition until 13 April.
Accompanying it is a small catalogue that takes a photographic journey through the universe of the agency.

Panta Rheiπάντα ρει
Author: Josep Lluís Mateo
Published by Key Media S.L., Barcelona 2013


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