References = Books

Excerpt from the Catalogue of the exhibition “Theatre Objects: A Stage for Architecture and Art“, LUMA Foundation, Zurich 2014:

“People ask me what my references are.
There are many in my work.
There is nature, a place always seen as something living, formal, but real and physical.
There is also material, as an initial approximation to the image (and, somehow, to the concept).
The space that is imagined as a scene.
And, of course, the images that are recognisable in photography and, sometimes, in motion (though they have proved less useful): in cinema.

But my real, deep-seated references, considered as instruments, have been books. I remember, as a shy, withdrawn child, spending hours in the family library, immersed in the adventures that unfolded on the pages before me. Later, trying to understand the world or to heal wounds.
Books. Lots of books.
Of all kinds. That shaped my personality and, sometimes, helped me come up with projects. I cannot refer to them in orderly fashion, just recall those that appear unbidden, without scrabbling around in my memory.”

See the catalogue here: