Work on pause: Toni Catany International Photography Centre

Just a few months ago, building work was starting on the site that is to be home to the new Toni Catany International Photography Centre in Llucmajor, Mallorca. After demolishing, we would start to build.

Now, with work stopped, we’re looking hopefully to the future.

Soon, we’ll continue.

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We’re making the most of this pause to see one of Toni Catany’s photos a day as part of the initiative organised by the Foundation that bears his name: 40 Photographs for Quarantine.

Starting on 1 April, the Foundation is sharing a daily photograph from the Toni Catany Archive. Each image, specially chosen to be shared in these strange and difficult days, is accompanied by notes, comments and observations, in some cases made by the photographer himself, in others by photographers, friends, artists, critics and poets.

We travel in time and space (virtually, of course) via this link.


Photos: Gabriel Ramón