Cooled public floor covering
paviment 1
présérie industrielle couleur grise
mateo collingsystem
etat de surface coquille fin du 15eme cycle
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Water is drawn from the phreatic level and passes under the organic paving blocks, which it cools. Experimental pavers using mollusk shells as aggregates.
Urban pavements can be considered the main element of connection between the citizen and his environment. It is the external and visible part of their skin, the epidermis, on which all the activity of the city rests and develops, shaping and influencing the quality of the space. Urban pavements must allow the use of the outdoor public space in complete safety and comfort for the citizen in different climatic conditions. In Nice, a warm Mediterranean city, it achieves an appreciable reduction in temperature for pedestrians. Developed for Nice Grand Arenas Urban planning project by mateoarquitectura.

Year: 2018
Engineering: Veolia
Experimental project
Construction within the framework of European funds for technological research