Dwellings on Borneo Island, Amsterdam. Revisited
Footprints. Sketch of housing project in Amsterdam, Josep Lluís Mateo
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Almost 20 years after its completion, we revisit the housing project on the island of Borneo in the port of Amsterdam, with the photographer Aldo Amoretti.

The passage of time reveals to us the evolution of the domestic uses of its occupants and their relation with the street and the water. We see too how the building has settled into the place, where, its initial gloss gone, its timbers weathered like an old boat, it has acquired a natural, geological, eternal consistency. It is interesting to compare its presence today with the energy that emanated from the initial hand drawings.

With the flame of that early passion extinguished, what remains is something solid, permanent, beyond time.

Josep Lluís Mateo, 2018