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Projects and their construction mean facing a long period of time, which can seem eternal.

For this reason, I sometimes feel like fast experiences—go in, come out and leave them behind.

The competition for a hotel at the Inca archaeological site of Moray, in Peru, was one such case.

Not believing in the slightest that it could go ahead (distance, opacity, unreality…), I felt like travelling for a short time, in my mind, to this beautiful place, a fantastic work of land art, this perfect geometric excavation, craters excavated by man.

That is why I accepted the organizers’ kind invitation.

There, it was necessary to imagine something. It was necessary to continue excavating.

Josep Lluís Mateo

moray site croquis
moray vegetation croquis
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Invited competition. Summer 2019

Location: Moray archaeological site, Cusco region (Peru)
Typology: Centre for scientific research and cultural expansion. Hotel

Local architects: Carol Updegrave and José Ferreyros. Lima
Structural engineering: Agustí Obiol
Landscaping: Manel Colominas