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Puigcerdà industrial units

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On the boundary between town and country the buildings constitute a wall, which formalizes this limit, and a roof which floats on top of it.

The facades thus project outward in response to the action of the wind, and have to be reinforced with triangular-sectioned pillars which follow the moment of upset. The structure of the roof, with its somewhat archaic logic and design, consists of concrete trusses, precast in situ, connected by struts which act by traction. The stability of the trusses is achieved by means of the considerable projections at the end which make them independent of their limits.

These were conceived as shiny, metallic constructions, with their great doors open to the surrounding landscape, like hangars belonging to the nearby airport.

Typology: Public Building ?
Competition: 1st Prize ?
Project: 1988-1991
Surface: 5,500 m2
Location: Puigcerdà, Girona
Photograph: Ferran Freixa