The New Together

Toni Catany International Photography Centre project is part of “The New Together” exhibition organized by Platform in Venice from 20th May to 30th July 2023. The initiative aims to investigate, through the projects of 140 architecture firms from all over the world, how the design of the spaces we inhabit is evolving to meet the needs of the new times we are living in.

The project is included in the family grouping “transforming together” where spaces-architectures that re-invent themselves by transforming. Architectures that change their uses and ways of being to accommodate new desires and needs.

Curatorship: Luca Molinari and Simona Finessi

Scuola Grande di Misercordia
May 20-July 30, 2023

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Photo credit: Mattia Finotto


With this exhibition, Catany’s work returns to Venice, a city that fascinates him and which he has visited on 12 occasions.

The city has always been a real magnet for the photographer. It is HIS city, he never tires of it, he has never stopped photographing every corner throughout the seasons, consecrating a monographic work.

“Venice is the city that in the course of my travels I have visited the most. It is also the only place where I have lost track of time, a sensation that, in this case, is magnificent.”

Toni Catany, 2006

San Marc. Venècia s.d Polaroid transportada acolorida©fundació toni catany
Venècia núm. 97 2003©fundació toni catany
Venècia núm. 111 2004©fundació toni catany
Venècia núm. 128 2003©fundació toni catany
Venècia s.n 2006©fundació toni catany
Venècia 1999©fundació toni catany
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