BCN architecture guide by Josep Lluís Mateo

“A personal guide is not scientific; it’s about sharing information and experiences.

My training as an architect was closely related with discovering my city. Buildings under construction (in the far-off fifties), a great mass of stone near where I lived (that was Gaudí’s La Pedrera), forms, masses, constructions that impressed me then and still do, and that perhaps will impress someone experiencing them for the first time.

I also include places to experience nature in tension with the city, places to be, rather than objects to look at.

The city from the top as a form in three strips: the mountain, the plain, the sea. Green, brown, blue.”

Josep Lluís Mateo

Mateo Arquitectura has launched “BCN Architecture Guide by Josep Lluís Mateo”, for travellers and architecture lovers. Discover the hidden places of Barcelona according to Josep Lluís Mateo: from the mountain to the seafront.




The Plain



BCN Architecture Guide by Josep Lluís Mateo
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