L' Avant-Scène, Nice
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Dense volume, functional multiplicity (urban values).

Repetition, large scale compositive order.

The precision, and in part the controlled variety of the material, are arguments that try to introduce a smaller and more human scale in the whole, a large urban piece, which should mark the new center of the Grand Arenas district, in Nice.

Josep Lluís Mateo


Typology: Multifunctional (Commercial, Offices, Multigenerational Housing, Hotel)
Location: Hub Multimodal Nice-Airport, Grand Arénas, Nice, France

Architecture: Josep Lluís Mateo
Design date: 2014-2018
Construction date: in progress
Built surface area: 35.000 m2

Other participants:

Façades, Swimming Pool: Oteis
Installations and sustainability: Oteis
Electricity: Oteis
Acoustics: Lamouraux