Office and coworking redesign lecture

Patricia Klein partner of mateoarquitectura participates as a speaker at the event organized by Grupo Vía on new workspaces.

Recent projects that explore the new spatial, environmental and energetic possibilities were presented:

Banc Sabadell new offices for instance, where traditional banking space is transformed into hubs with more permeable areas for meetings and consulting.

But we also mentioned older projects that share the same innovative vision of the office. Ten years ago, the headquarters of the insurance company PGGM in Zeist, Netherlands already proposed to work in innovative work environments (distributed in neighborhoods with assigned work areas and intermediate squares with unassigned spaces) and sustainable (ventilated parking and natural light, using water from aquifers to acclimatize the building…). Or the World Trade Center Almeda Park in Cornellà was also a breakthrough at the time, as its central atrium converted into a Mediterranean garden for its bioclimatic operation to reduce energy consumption and its biophilia benefits.

As Patricia Klein concluded: “At mateoarquitectura we have a long track record in office design. In recent years we have been adapting to the changing needs of the working environment.”

mateoarquitectura Patricia Klein offices1
mateoarquitectura Patricia Klein offices2
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