PGGM Company Headquarters in Zeist, The Netherlands

PGGM Company Headquarters in Zeist

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Ideas are fast, construction is slow.

The planimetric layout was very clear from the start: to the continuous form of the old building a new figure was counterposed, made up of lines that interrelated without bending (like the sticks in the Japanese game of Mikado). This gave way to a figure, which, while similar to the old building, was much more open. This figure was frequently varied for multiple reasons, particularly of an economic nature.

It was like a pattern that could easily evolve, be reduced and extended, without changing in quality.

Josep Lluís Mateo



Typology: Office Building
Competition: 1st Prize

Project: 2003-2005
Construction: 2008-2013
Surface: 25,000 m2 offices + 25,000 m2 parking spaces
Location: Zeist (Utrecht), Netherlands
Photo: Adrià Goula

EPBD (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive) BRL 9500-U A

V NAN Award 2011 (TPI Group), Best Spanish project abroad

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