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Office Building for the World Trade Center Almeda Park in Cornellà

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The inner courtyard is conceived as a naturally ventilated space in the Mediterranean tradition as opposed to the glazed, air-conditioned lobby of Northern European business centres.

The envelope design is based on the time-honoured quality of zinc and the relation (by opposition) to the context: zero expressivity in the surfaces and a marked chiaroscuro effect in the projections that protect the windows facing the sun.

Josep Lluís Mateo

Typology: Office Building
Competition: 1st Prize
Project: 2005-2006
Construction: 2004-2008
Surface: 15,000 m2 + 32,255 m2 parking
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Photo: Pedro Pegenaute

Aplus Award 2010 (Vía Group), Best office building

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