Sustainability and Architecture: Office Building in Cornellà, Barcelona
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A classic pattern of office building. It consists in a sequence of surface areas around a courtyard with single entrance. General atrium of the complex.

Heating and cooling this space involved major economic investment and energy wastage. This is what we were faced with.

We convinced the client to turn it into a more sustainable, contextual (in keeping with Mediterranean tradition) and beautiful space.

Here, the courtyard is open, protected from the sun and planted with large trees and profuse vegetation. The space is cross-ventilated.

The result is a protected outdoor microclimate which, in a Mediterranean setting, naturally generates a markedly more temperate climate than the exterior conditions. In winter, the temperature of the spaces is around 18° and, in summer, 21°. The resulting naturally controlled space considerably reduces the costs of artificial heating and cooling. The exteriors are protected from solar radiation by large overhangs in the exposed façades.

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Office Building for the World Trade Center Almeda Park in Cornellà
A+ Award for the Best Office Building, 2010
Project: 2005-2006
Construction: 2004-2008
Surface: 15,000 m2 + 32,255 m2 parking
Site: Plaça de la Pau, s/n. Cornellà, Barcelona
Photo: Pedro Pegenaute