BSV JLM DSC9282 © Aldo Amoretti


BSV JLM DS 8618 © Aldo Amoretti
BSV JLM DS 6309 Pano © Aldo Amoretti
BSV JLM DS 8600 © Aldo Amoretti
BSV JLM DS 8912 © Aldo Amoretti
BSV JLM DS 8351 Pano © Aldo Amoretti
BSV JLM DS 8360 © Aldo Amoretti
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BSV JLM DS 8897 © Aldo Amoretti
BSV JLM DS 8684 © Aldo Amoretti
BSV JLM DS 6667 © Aldo Amoretti
BSV JLM DS 6128 © Aldo Amoretti
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“A space for meeting and communication.
Light, transparency, indoor nature, with the city outside.
Light control, sound control. Acoustics in the common base of the cladding and its formal expression.
Returning once again to the detail.
Active technology: large communication screens, glass that changes its conditions of transparency at will.”

Josep Lluís Mateo

Banc Sabadell Company HUB is an experimental space designed as a meeting point and nexus of communication in the business world.

In its different areas, with all the latest technological advances, companies are accompanied through all the stages of consultancy, training and inspiration based on success stories to meet their future challenges.

A flexible space where companies, irrespective of size or sector, find resources for development and where networking is organically promoted.

Typology: Offices
Project: 2018
Construction: 2019
Surface: 1,057.6 m2
Location: Valencia, Spain
Photo: Aldo Amoretti

BS HUB Empresa Emplazamiento
sketch ground floor
sketch detalles
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