Remodelling of Banc Sabadell Tower in Barcelona

Remodelling of Banc Sabadell Tower Barcelona

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At different times, we have designed episodes which, over the years, have formalized the entrance level of the emblematic Banc Sabadell Tower in Barcelona.

In sequence, the building’s occupants and visitors are taken from the street entrance and porch to the foyer and the bank branch proper. It is a continuous sequence of parts that are interconnected but autonomous.

In a corner of the foyer, we organize the main entry to the tower above. It is a triangle at the corner of the floor plan. The space is black but lively, run through with streaks of colour. One side of the triangle forms the frontier: the point of control. Another, annexed to it, offers an unusual, slightly raised view of the city. Control and openness.

Josep Lluís Mateo

Typology: Office building
Project: 2005 ground floor, 2010 entrance to the tower
Construction: 2006-2010 ground floor, 2012-2013 entrance to the tower
Surface: 900m2 ground floor + 100 m2 entrance to the tower
Site: Diagonal with Balmes, Barcelona
Photo: Adrià Goula

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