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At a time of transformation for bank branch offices, here, as an experimental proposal, we created a space as a place to work and to meet. Open but active. Private when necessary.

Our intervention in a pre-existing space sets out to enhance it, to dialogue with it, not just to add an indifferent new layer to the underlying base. In a central place, open to the city and to an incredible courtyard at the centre of a street block, with large trees and vegetation, dialogue with the outside (with the city and with nature) also constitutes a thread in the design.

The language is abstract, the environmental conditions (light, sound) addressed with particular care. The space is muted, with nuanced lights and open but controlled views.

Space for work and for personal meetings.

Josep Lluís Mateo

Typology: Offices
Project: 2019
Construction: 2020
Surface: 550 m2
Location: Madrid, Spain
Photo: Pedro Pegenaute and Jordi Bernadó 

Nominee for the 2022 Archdaily – Work of the Year Awards (Spanish edition) 

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