01 lustgarden mateo arquitectura

Design of the Lustgarten in Berlin

02 lustgarden mateo arquitectura
03 lustgarden mateo arquitectura
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The contribution to the redesign of the Lustgarten in Berlin is concieved as a relationship between emotion and reason. Order and strength, as symbols of timelessness, are offset by the seasonal changes of the project as a “garden of pleasure”. The surface is a grid of cas iron or aluminium (6082 H30) which strengthens the ground and allows visitors to walk above it’s natural level, The plants are arranged beneath the metal sheets to provide a scenery that changes according to the seasons.

Josep Lluís mateo, Zwei Jahre-Zwei Zeiten 1993-1994, p.36, november 1994, Aedes Gallery.

Typology: Gardens
Competition: Finalist

Project:  1994
Location: Berlin-Mitte, Germany

01 lustgarden plans mateo arquitectura
02 lustgarden plans mateo arquitectura
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