Hotel (4*) AC Fórum for the Forum 2004 in Barcelona

Hotel (4*) AC Fórum for the Forum 2004, Barcelona

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It is a solid piece, a sculptured volume with relatively small windows. The cut at the middle of its height and a certain shaping of the mass are reinforced by the different quality of it external surfaces cut, polished or bush-hammered Extremeño granite. The room plans follow the standards of the chain.
The access continues the same arguments as the façade of the adjacent CCIB, a large portico, letters and lights, colours (red), though, as usual, in a more domestic and delicate tone.

Typology: 4* Hotel
Project: 2002
Construction: 2002-2004
Surface: 29,317.62 m2
Site: Taulat street, Diagonal-Mar Area. Barcelona, Spain
Photo: Jaume Orpinell, Xavier Bassiana, Ramón Prat, Xavier Ribas and Oriol Rigat

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