Office Tower for CZF for the Forum 2004 in Barcelona

Office Tower for CZF for the Forum 2004, Barcelona

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The upper part of the office tower, which is suspended, is covered with a double layer of glass. At night it will take on the appearance of a lighthouse. Again at night, lights climbing up it will reveal the presence and consistency of the building (the work of the artist Silvia Hornig).
The entire volume breaks down into various parts that are unified formally and structurally by solid communications core built of exposed concrete. One of those reminds of the south façade of the CCIB. A sample of what occurs abuts the volume of the CCIB, giving rise to the appearance of courtyards. One of these courtyards runs lengthways, creating a tangential cut that will be a jungle. The central courtyard gives the façade a sense of movement towards the street. At its foot are reflective pieces of white stone.

Typology: Office building
Project: 2002
Construction: 2002-2004
Surface: 16,030 m2
Site: Taulat street, Diagonal-Mar Area. Barcelona, Spain
Photo: Jaume Orpinell, Xavier Bassiana, Ramón Prat, Xavier Ribas and Oriol Rigat

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