Multifunctional complex Joan Güell in Barcelona

Multifunctional complex Joan Güell in Barcelona

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“The slabs slide by each other, slipping away from the static nature of the program. Their exquisitely detailed skins are cut off at the corners to reveal their nature as pendant coverings, while the narrative mixture of windows may not reveal any interior functions, but becomes instead a collage of the patterns that recreated the visual reality of the edge city, refined and recombined to represent that very reality”


(Aaron Betsky, (Modern iceberg), Domus, nr, 758, 1994, Milano, Mateo Atlas, p.24, ACTAR, 1998, Barcelona).

Typology:  Multifunctional complex
Project: 1989-1990
Construction: 1993
Surface: 40,000 m2
Site: Joan Güell St, Barcelona
Photo: Jordi Bernadó and Ferran Freixa

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