One family house in Mallorca

One family house in Mallorca

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The frequent and inhospitable north wind, the oppressive heat and the remoteness of inhabited zones can be the reason why this area has not been built until now. The views are very beautiful and distant.

The house moves between these Natural forces: she protects from the wind, generates natural inside ventilation to regulate summer temperature, builds a small court with controlled microclimate and, at the same time that she protects herself, opens to the outside making a performance with nature and its energies.

Volumetrically, the house is crystalline, and has a mineral approach that suits her being nearly leaning in the rocky massif of Mont Farrutx.

Typology: Housing
Project: 1997
Construction: 1997-2000
Surface: 250 m2
Site: Colonia de St. Pere, Artà (Mallorca)
Photo: Duccio Malagamba and Gabriel Ramon

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