Telluric presence

“Looking through Pedro Pegenaute’s beautiful photographs, in the confinement of Pamplona, we survey the solitude of architecture, we see inner light as an expression of life, sometimes a minor human presence, emptiness, abandoned remains…

I stop at another moment: the expression of the force and the energy of nature, which, over the silence, freely unfolds over us.

Telluric presence—sometimes forgotten but, here, sovereignly present.”

Josep Lluís Mateo
June 2020


During the lockdown due to COVID-19, photographer Pedro Pegenaute started to work on “2020: PAMPLONA AT HOME”, an audiovisual project in which he invites various architects, one of whom is Josep Lluís Mateo, to reflect on one or more photographs in the series that portrays a Pamplona of empty streets, where human presence is visible only on balconies, and nature regains prominence.