The Great Orchard
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Urban space: volume and surface

The city of Sant Feliu de Llobregat, near Barcelona, has historically been divided in two halves due to the presence of the train: hindering interactions, and the possibilities of using urban space.

Now, with the undergrounding of its railways, the space above is to be redefined.



They score the space.
They mark and build transversal connections.
They complete the unfinished and broken plots.
They define the new spaces.

Josep Lluís Mateo



A large garden-orchard promenade as the main public space of the city.
A horticultural pathway sequenced by fruit trees.
A project evocative of the memory of the territory.
An artifice that calls for the agricultural character of the Baix Llobregat Park’s rich heritage at the gates of the city.
A canal that guides the promenade and recalls the old agricultural canals, such as Canal de la Infanta.

Michel Desvigne



Finalist. Competition 2019

PROMOTER: Ajuntament de Sant Feliu de Llobregat
CO-AUTHOR: MDP Michel Desvigne (Landscape)
SUSTAINABILITY: Societat Orgànica
PLANNING-URBAN MANAGEMENT: Diego Ruiz Calzado and David Sarri
LOCATION: Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain
SURFACE: 166.128 m2