The space took the form of a great pre-existing roof. Beautiful. The very lightweight structure, screwed together, floating apparently effortlessly over the site.

We were to enclose it hermetically, letting in light but not direct solar radiation.

A slat system was built. Sheets of perforated and folded stainless steel. Perforated to differing densities, graduating their relationship with the site (more opaque below, more open above).
Folded to highlight their rigidness and draw in light reflected to the north.

Great effort was deployed in the workshop to create them. Rigidness and controlled permeability were the keys.

According to exterior light, the experience changes.
By day, the building seems opaque on the outside, and constant light invades it inside.
By night, when lit up inside, the building emphasises its lightness and transparency.

(As they reach the ground, the slats transform to accommodate inside them the small outside stalls. They fold or twist. The base moves.)

Josep Lluís Mateo

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