(The whole and the part)

This semester, near the end of the course of study at the ETSAB, brings to bear a multiple vision of the design process, proposing not intense fixation on a single point, but instead developing a broad-based, open look around the project.

The project will begin with a general, large-scale question: how to imagine urban growth colonising the exterior while quantitatively conserving a high density of natural space.
Working at a scale of 1:2000–1:5000, we will have to generate models and images of the whole.

The scene will change rapidly: we will develop a part, a building, inside our plan (with its brief and precise conditions) that we must imagine, define as an idea.
The relation between the part and the whole must continue (scales 1:200–1:500).

Then we will transfer the idea to the world of physical reality: matter, thickness and energy will be the objects of our attention and must generate their corresponding documents.
We will also have to produce communication materials, fundamental to our dialogue with the outside world (renders, videos).

We should end up with an overview of this part of the territory and with a fragment in relation to it. Both with consistency.

Abstraction and matter.
The whole and the part.

Prof. Dr Josep Lluís Mateo

Josep Lluís Mateo,
Professor Dr. ETH – Zürich

Dr. Queralt Garriga, Associate teacher UPC – ETSAB
Cristina Marcos, Student UPC – ETSAB

Image: collage exposed at CIAM IV, Athens (Greece), 1933