Josep Lluís Mateo, Professional Work (2014 – 2019)

Josep Lluís Mateo will be taking part in “Culture”, the series of lectures organised by the ETSAB (Barcelona School of Architecture).

On Tuesday 29 October, the architect, visiting professor at the school this semester, will be giving a talk entitled “Professional Work (2014 – 2019)” that encourages future architects not to lose their enthusiasm for the profession:

“Our professional practice is an ongoing encounter with themes, moments, settings… a whole range of issues. As generalists, we have to devise strategies to deal with this multiplicity. And, above all, to enjoy and savour it.

My aim here, among students, is not to propose myself as a direct reference for their future work, which they have to find and produce for themselves.

My aim is simpler: to remind everyone that our profession is sufficiently interesting to excite us, to devote ourselves passionately to it.

Because if there is something that those starting out have, it is enthusiasm for the subject, and time (teaching) can easily demotivate and trivialise. It erodes it.

On the contrary, the true teacher is the one who motivates and fuels enthusiasm for what they explain, at the same time increasing knowledge about it. The loss of mystery as an operational tool should mean pushing back boundaries, not making them smaller.”

Josep Lluís Mateo

Date: 29 October 2019

ETSAB – Barcelona School of Architecture
Lecture hall (Sala de Graus)
Av. Diagonal, 649
08028 Barcelona

Time: 13:00