Banc Sabadell Space. Madrid, Spain

At a time of transformation for bank branches, here, as an experimental proposal, we created a space as a place to work and to meet. Open but active. Private when necessary.

Our intervention in a pre-existing space set out to enhance it, to dialogue with it, not just to add an indifferent new layer to the underlying base.

Josep Lluís Mateo

Banco Sabadell Space
C/ Serrano 18, Madrid

Architecture: Josep Lluís Mateo
Client: Directorate of Properties and General Services of Banco Sabadell
Graphic design: Mario Eskenazi
Acoustics: Ivana Rossell
Lighting: La Invisible
Contractor: Divegon Obras SA
Engineering: Tasvalor
Video maker: Dan Barreri
Music: A long Nights Drive – Kurtis Parks